The Briers team strongly adhere to the principles and objectives of Green Tourism and conservation. We aim to help sustain and enhance the environment we live and work in and contribute to rural and local regeneration.

The original Briers was built over 100 years ago and has since seen many changes to the original house and has a long history as a Bed and Breakfast. The new owner Maureen Courtney has commenced a strategy to renovate the building to a high standard using local business and materials while maintaining the rural style of the original farmhouse.

Set between working farms, we aim to limit the impact that the guesthouse and our services will have on the environment. The extensive refurbishment completed to date has ensured that the building complies with the most recent recommended standards and criteria for environmentally friendly construction and design. Phase II will in time greatly reduce our footprint on the landscape even more, in keeping with our core aims and objectives towards establishing a building that meets the criteria of the concept of Green Tourism and sustainability.

Reopened in April 2015 we are working to complete a strategic plan that will facilitate the minimisation of our environmental impact.

We aim to do this by introducing a series of measures designed to reduce waste with an intensive recycling policy and an energy conservation policy. Our plan is to reduce, re-use and recycle.

We continue to source local suppliers to ensure good quality fresh food, local produce and drink supplies for our guests.

We draw on and support our local labour market and support, in particular, businesses and activity providers who share our principles of good environmental and green practice and our conservational ethics.

We aim to look at our impact on a global scale, like a drop that causes ripples on still water, we are aware of how we can contribute to saving and conserving the planet even if it is an small way, making our contribution to its future sustainability.

We would ask that our guests help us to make sure that this wonderful Mourne Area and this part of South Down will be protected and preserved so that we can continue to enjoy all it has to offer for ourselves, our families and for future generations.


Your host,

Maureen Courtney


Green Tourism Silver Award





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